Community Concierge

Have questions about the Worthington area?  Need information?

We want you never to feel like outsiders in a new town, but to quickly become connected, thriving community members!

Contact Katie Kouba


Mobile Phone: 916.873.2338 (Call or Text)

Since moving to the area, Katie has made herself a student of the Worthington community and the surrounding areas. She is committed to using her experience to helping you acclimate well, and encourages you to contact her at any point during your journey here. She is constantly learning more about Worthington life, local schools, businesses, things to do, local entertainment, and community events where you can meet people and develop relationships.

What I can help you with: 

Hobbies/Interests: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?  What will that look like in the Worthington Area?  I'd love to chat with you about how you can get connected to the people who have similar interests and the places you may enjoy the most.  

Housing:  I can help you navigate your housing journey including finding apartments, rental homes, mortgage brokers, and realtors. 

Education: From preschools, to public school, to private schools, to community college, I can help you get the answers to all of yor questions so that your family transitions well and flourishes in their learning environments.  

Jobs:  We can talk about your experience and get you networking with the right indiviudals.  You can also contact the Worthington WorkForce Center, or do your own searching on their website

Volunteering:  Sometimes, one of the most effective ways to get to know a community is by volunteering where help is needed!  We have some amazing people in our town, and it's a great experience to work alongside others that are meeting needs. We can talk more about opportunities that may interest you or your family.  

Are you on Facebook?  Here are some pages and groups you may be interested in: The Young Professionals Network, Worthington Area Moms, Southwest Minnesota Fishing Club, Community Education, Chamber of Commerce, RadioWorks, The Globe

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