Bedford Technology


Bedford Technology
2424 Armor Road PO Box 609
Worthington, Minnesota 56187
Phone: (507) 372-5558

Since 1990, Bedford Technology has been recognized as one of the most experienced and reliable manufacturers in recycled plastic lumber. Bedford Technology offers a full line of recycled plastic products to markets such as marine, park and recreation, agriculture, site amenities, and many others. We can design a custom product to suit your specific application. We design our products with precision engineering, unique manufacturing techniques, creativity, and hard work. Our attention to detail earned us the reputation for manufacturing the strongest recycled plastic products in the industry. But our engineers aren't our only employees with a knack for an attention to detail. Our customer service employees provide personal customer support throughout the process, from answering any initial questions you might have about our products, to shipping and installation, as well as after-sale service. If you are an engineer, architect or end user with questions about the benefits of recycled plastic over other materials, look no further. When you purchase our long lasting product, our promise of long lasting customer support comes with. Perhaps the best thing about Bedford Technology is that we're not satisfied by the status quo. We continue to push the boundaries of recycled product technology by keeping our momentum moving forward. From our 2002 addition of the ForeSite Design® devision to Park Avenue™ and Park Scapes™, we always strive to be the leader in recycled product manufacturing.

Fax: 507-372-5532